About Our Administrator

About our administrator

Bev Allman, MA, CAGS

Administrator Bev Allman, “Ms. A”, and her husband Bradie have a passion for both local & international missions work. They have served as prayer warriors and discipleship mentors in Mexico, Turkey, France, Germany, and Costa Rica. Always working as a team, they are consistent volunteers for The Least of These Ministries (TLOT) and the Roanoke Rescue Mission. As members of Lighthouse Bible Church, they work in Prayer Ministry knowing that God has given them this opportunity to share His grace with others. They continue to team together in educational settings with both children and adults teaching nutrition and wellness activities hosting community gatherings for neighborhood children, and walking their neighborhood sharing the Gospel message.

Education has been an important part of both Bev and Bradie’s background. Bev graduated from Glenville State College with a BA in Education with focus in Consumer Science and Applied Science; MA in Education and Special Education from West Virginia College of Graduate Studies; and a CAGS in Administration and Supervision and Sociology from Virginia Tech.

Both of us look forward to serving in the discipleship of the Lighthouse Christian Academy students as God molds their sweet spirits and compassionate hearts. We are excited to see God grow them into men and women of integrity displaying obedience to God’s call in prayer, study His Word, and leading others to Christ!